What is SCRIP?!

SCRIP is a fundraising program designed to raise extra income to our church & school at no extra cost to you!  You simply by SCRIP (gift cards) to use for your buying needs, such as groceries, fuel, dining, gifts for others, and much, much more.  SCRIP costs you nothing more out of pocket than your normal spending.  SCRIP is sold before & after all 4 of our church services, and in the church and school offices.  You can see all the gift cards offered through SCRIP online by clicking here.  A link to a quick order form is below for you, with the most common SCRIP cards purchased through Trinity.  To order you can either stop by church or school, complete an order form, pay & pick up your cards, or you can email Robin in the church office or Karli in the school office and place your order.

SCRIP order form aug 2018